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Dr. Oz October 21, 2014 Preview Dr. Oz has a great episode October 21, 2014, talking about the myths surrounding detoxing, the inspiring story of Joan Lunden’s breast cancer survival, dangers of taking melatonin, and how to get your cholesterol under control. Check it out below! Dr. Oz: Myths About Detoxing Dr. Oz will discuss all the myths […]

Dr Oz: Healthy Heart Clinic Dr Oz is concerned about the continued spread of Heart Disease in America. He said that it is preventable, and he put on a Healthy Heart Clinic in Jersey City, New Jersey to start a yearlong initiative. Volunteers and doctors came together for a pop-up heart clinic focused on “bringing […]

Dr Oz: How To Keep Your Arteries Unclogged Dr Oz and Star Jones discussed common heart attack triggers, and one thing they have in common is clogged arteries. Next, he wanted to share foods that can help to keep the arteries unclogged. Think of these as “natural Drano.” They are: shellfish, kiwi fruit, Brussels sprouts, […]

Dr Oz: The Great Cholesterol Myth Today Dr. Oz is talking with Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. Jonny Bowden about their very controversial book and belief that everything you know about cholesterol is wrong. They say that cholesterol does not cause heart disease and they are sharing some very compelling information to support their stance. […]

Dr Oz: Cholesterol FAQ’s Dr Oz played Jeopardy: Cholesterol Edition to answer some of our Cholesterol FAQ’s!  The categories for Doctor Oz’s Jeopardy game included Breakfast Boosters, In A Nutshell, Go Fish and Medicine Cabinet Cures.  Here are the Cholesterol Jeopardy questions and answers: Dr Oz: Margarine Lowers Cholesterol Dr Oz’s first answer was: Plant […]

Dr Oz said that a major risk factor for getting a heart attack is cholesterol.  So, Doctor Oz gave 5 ways to lower your cholesterol.  His Assistant-Of-The-Day, Ramona from seat 3, said that she does not remember her cholesterol levels but she does remember that they are perfect.  Dr Oz told her that if you […]

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Which Cholesterol Drug is Right For You” to discuss the debate of Statins like Levacor, Zocor, Pravachol, Lipitor and Crestor – compare to natural cholesterol remedies like Red Yeast Rice.  This was part of Dr Oz’s Ticking Time Bomb: Cholesterol show.  Dr Oz said that Statins save thousands of […]

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Ticking Time Bomb: Cholesterol” to give us a 5 step plan that can save our life and reduce our chances of getting a heart attack.  Cholesterol is a scary thing because you cannot see it or know the damage it is causing until it is often too late.  Dr […]

Dr Oz’s Stats for Health

By on January 15, 2010

Dr. Oz frequently gives health stats or levels that he would like to see everyone maintain (such as cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)  This list will be ever growing as Dr. Oz gives more “stats for health”.  If we miss any, please leave them in comments below!!! woman doctor holding something from Crestock Stock Images Dr. […]