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Dr Oz played a game called “Got A Bad Habit? There’s A Pill For That” to teach us about the perfect pills to protect your health and to help you break bad habits.  Doctor Oz had two sisters play against each other.  Did you know that you should be taking Algae Oil if you do […]

Dr Oz did a segment called Is Your Water Causing Cancer?  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Patricia Meinhardt and Dr Thomas Burke to discuss Chemicals In Your Tap Water.  Do you know if your tap water has Chromium-6, Perchlorate, Lead or Arsenic?  Do you know the effects of these chemicals on the human body?  […]

Dr Oz’s Surprise Party included a super exciting guest list and advice for how to live longer, lose weight and even shocking things you never knew about Doctor Oz.  Dr Oz sent Stepp Stewart, Judy Gold and Carolina Bermudez from z100 to gather-up some of Dr Oz’s Biggest Fans including the Scissors Sisters, some ladies […]

Dr Oz did a segment called Break Your Addiction to Sugar and Fat.  He was joined by Dr Melina Jampolis, a doctor and a nutritionist who is focused on how to lose weight.  Doctor Oz and Dr Jampolis gave a 3 step plan to break your Sugar & Fat Addiction in 28 days! Dr Oz: […]

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