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Dr Oz: Does Colon Cleansing Help You Lose Weight? Dr. Oz says there are a lot of products out there promising to improve your life, but it can often be hard to tell what is healthy and what is hype, so today he is playing a little game to help you tell the difference and […]

Dr Oz Electrolyte Elixir Charlie Horse Remedy Dr Oz’s Show on June 26, 2012 is full of fabulous remedies including a Charlie Horse Remedy, a Parasite Remedy, and a Stress Remedy.  Doctor Oz said that Charley Horses are often caused by an imbalance in your electrolyte levels and dehydration.  So if you suffer from Charley Horses, […]

Dr Oz: Health Scams Dr Oz’s Show on Health Scams continued by revealing the way that companies trick us with products including Probiotics, Coconut Water, and Valerian Root Tea.  Coconut Water is gaining in popularity these days, so you might find it interesting to note that the only brand Doctor Oz presented as containing the […]

Dr Oz did a show called $5 Friday which I am sure that all of us our excited about, because Dr Oz is doing a Cash Giveaway.  Three lucky people will win $3150 from Dr Oz on Monday at 3 PM.  I will tell you how to enter to win Dr Oz’s Cash Giveaway in […]

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