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Dr. Oz: Sugar Substitute Bake-Off Dr. Oz asked some baking professionals to bake some delicious treats with Dr. Oz’s sugar substitutes. He had some people from the audience judging the treats. The three women chosen wore blindfolds and headphones. They couldn’t see or hear anything, so sometimes they talked during the segment out of turn. […]

Dr Oz: Everyday Energy Boosters Are you tired, sluggish and totally wiped out? Looking for ways to supercharge your energy? On today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you how to do just that! He gave you 5 simple ways to kick-start your day to re-energize your life with things like Moringa Oleifera, Spirulina Energy Cubes, Raw […]

Dr Oz:  How to Quit an Artificial Sweetener Addiction Artificial sweeteners claim to help you lose weight, but in actuality, they may end up doing the opposite. Because of their higher sweetness content, they may cause you to crave even more goodies. Dr Oz says that the average American consumes 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners […]

Dr Oz: Sugar Substitutes In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Lynn and Maureen, who were best friends, to compete in a Dr Oz’s Best Sugar Substitute Quiz.  Lynn stated that she loves the low calorie substitute Splenda while Maureen uses sugar, eating a few Tbsps per day.  Take the quiz to find out how […]

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