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Dr Oz: Detox Solutions Do you feel crappy and want to detoxify your body? Unfortunately, many detox remedies take time, money and plenty of effort, but today, Doctor Oz showed you the fastest and easiest ways to flush out those toxins. The best part is that they’re CHEAP! (In some cases, they’re even free!) Dr […]

Dr Oz’s Detox Review On the Dr Oz Show today, he had 3 Dr Oz Fans try out 3 different types of cleanses, or detoxes. Although people use cleanses to lose weight, Dr Oz stressed that cleanses were meant for just that — to cleanse the body of toxins. Losing weight is one of the […]

Dr Oz 48 Hour Weekend Cleanse: Don’t like any of the cleanses you’ve read about thus far?  In this segment, Dr Oz put together his very own 48 Hour Detox, in which he assured his fans that this program will not only cleanse the body, it will taste delicious too.  UPDATE: You should also checkout […]