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Dr Oz Best & Worst: July 18 2011 Dr Oz re-aired his Best & Worst of 2010 show on July 18 2011.  This show included the following segments: the Best & Worst Weight Loss Tips, the Best & Worst Hot Flashes & Constipation Tips, the Best & Worst Ways to Sleep Well, the Best & […]

Dr Oz: Combo Diet Pill Dangers Dr Oz spoke about Combo Diet Pills with Dr Robert Skversky, and then brought a women named Theresa on his show who had bad side effects from taking a Weight Loss Cocktail.  Doctor Oz also gave a list of things to do to minimize your risks if you plan […]

Dr Oz’s Show on Thursday March 17, 2011 is about Combo Diet Pills.  Is combining Diet Pills dangerous?  Doctor Oz will take a look at this new revolutionary weight loss craze.  Is it hype?  Or are Combo Diet Pills the holy grail to weight loss?  Visit March 17, 2011 for a full recap of […]

Dr Oz did a show called the Best and Worst for 2010, which included a segment on the Best & Worst Weight Loss ideas including the best and worst Diet Pills, snacks, Metabolism Boosters, packaged foods and exercise.  Doctor Oz said that Saturday is the best day to start a diet and Monday is the […]

Doctor Oz re-aired his show on Sleep Apnea and Diet Drug Safety for the third time this year!  I guess a lot of people must be struggling with Sleep Apnea and that Diet Drugs are a really large epidemic.  I am an all natural kind of lady in that I never have tried any diet […]

Dr. Oz’s segment on the effectiveness and dangers of diet pills was very interesting and a must watch for anyone considering taking over the counter or prescription diet drugs.  Dr. Oz had a guest who took Ephedra (Ephedrine Alkaloids) when it was readily available as an over the counter herbal remedy.  Since then (on February […]

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