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Dr. Oz May 7, 2015 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode on May 7, 2015, celebrating his 1000th episode with actor Hugh Jackman and Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: Hugh Jackman Skin Cancer & Ending His Time as Wolverine Dr. Oz welcomed Hugh Jackman to his show to celebrate […]

Dr. Oz: Embarrassing Questions Dr. Oz celebrated his 1000th episode, and he began his final segment with a montage of people’s most embarrassing questions. These questions included one woman asking about her nine nipples, another woman who eats her earwax, and yet another asking why sometimes you really have to have a bowel movement, but once […]

Dr Oz December 17 2012 What a fun episode of the Dr. Oz show December 17 2012! He shared what his viewers love most – other viewers’ embarrassing questions. Dr. Oz uncensored was a candid look at some of the most awkward situations, including the one shared by Dr. Oz’s own staff about him and his […]

Dr Oz: Beer and Cauliflower Cause Smelly Gas Dr. Oz talked about what interests his viewers the most: other viewers’ embarrassing questions. He had already talked about poop, sudden nose bleeds, and having more than two nipples but there were still plenty more uncomfortable situations to talk about, so get ready to see if he […]

Dr Oz: Multiple Nipples Breast Cancer Risk Dr. Oz has inspired people to lose weight, he has created the country’s biggest free health clinic and he has even given advice that has saved lives, but he says the favorite shows that viewers love the most are the ones that feature embarrassing questions. On the December […]

Dr Oz: Oz Gone Wild Dr Oz took a look back at his ‘Oz Gone Wild’ show, where he answered 50 of viewers’ most embarrassing and bizarre questions. From tongues to toes, take a look at some of the outrageous questions and concerns. Dr Oz: Black Stains and Other Tongue Discolorations Karen was a viewer […]

Dr Oz: What’s Your Problem? On today’s show, Dr. Oz has looked back at some embarrassing moments. Audience members have received answers to some of their most bizarre health and behavior questions, like spraying pee. These are the problems that you won’t even discuss with your friends, family, or even your doctors. So, what’s your […]

Dr Oz: Embarrassing Questions Everywhere he goes, people reveal it all. They ask him any and all questions. On today’s episode of Dr Oz, viewers ask all the questions that you’ve been too afraid to ask because they’re so awkward. Gas, body odor, you name it—no question is off limits. Some of the questions that […]

Dr Oz: Top 10 Most Embarrassing Questions Doctor Oz did a show with Betty White included this segment that covered the Top 10 Most Embarrassing Questions.  If a member of Dr Oz’s audience appeared on his monitor, they had to ask their embarrassing question. Dr Oz: Muffin Top Vitamin C Fix 10. Belly—How can you […]

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