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Dr. Oz: Dangers of Energy Drinks Dr. Oz talked about the dangers of energy drinks. The evidence is mounting against energy drinks, with an FDA investigation two years ago into 13 deaths linked to 5 Hour Energy and a second inquiry into Monster Energy Drink, which was tied to five deaths and one non-fatal heart attack. […]

Dr. Oz March 19, 2015 Preview Wellbuzz Update: Here are the articles for this episode: Dr. Oz: Is Medical Marijuana A Better Alternative to Pain Medication? Dr. Oz: Highest and Lowest Risk Fruit and Vegetables for Pesticides Dr. Oz: Hidden Sources of Knee Pain & What is a Baker’s Cyst? Dr Oz: How Many Energy Drinks […]

Dr. Oz: How Caffeine Affects Us Dr. Oz has been talking to a woman who is addicted to energy drinks. He introduced her to Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, who had a plan to help Jasmine learn how to get energy drink her diet. Dr. Low Dog explained that caffeine acts like a drug to release hormones […]

Dr. Oz February 3, 2015 Preview Wellbuzz Update: Here are the articles for this episode: Dr. Oz: How to Get Rid of a Muffin Top, Trim Belly Fat & Stop Bloating Dr. Oz: Spouses Secretly Record Partner Peeing & Frequent Urination Dr. Oz: Addicted to Energy Drinks? How to Quit & Low Vitamin D Levels Dr. […]

Dr Oz Recap March 26 2013 Dr. Oz sat down with Mayor Bloomberg to discuss his initiative to ban large sugary drinks in New York City. Mayor Bloomberg explained why he feels it is important as well as how he feels about being accused of creating a “Nanny State.” Dr. Oz then turned his attention to […]

Dr Oz October 15 2012 Dr Oz October 15 2012 featured a candid chat with Jenny McCarthy about her health habits and Dr Oz’s Energy Drink Type guide for your routine. Dr Oz: Jenny McCarthy Bad Habits Review Author Jenny McCarthy is back with a new book, Bad Habits, about the effects religion and faith have […]

Dr Oz: Energy Drink Guidelines Dr Oz talked about different Energy Drink Types, including how the Habitual Coffee Drinker, the Afternoon Crash & High Calorie Coffee Drinkers can change their habits to incorporate energy drinks instead. But how do you know what types of drinks to buy or avoid? Are they safe? Dr oz shared […]

Dr Oz: Energy Drink Type Quiz Continued Dr Oz talked about the different Energy Drink Types. He said that by determining your health needs, you can choose the drink that’s right for you. He talked about the Habitual Coffee Drinker, but other energy drink types include the Afternoon Crash and High Calorie Coffee Drinkers. Find […]

Dr Oz: Energy Drink Type Quiz A lot of Dr Oz Fans complain they don’t have enough energy to get through the day. Since we aren’t all going out for Jenny McCarthy’s IV Energy Treatments, Dr Oz had another approach. Millions of us rely on some type of energy drink every week, but are you […]

Dr Oz Sunflower Oil Flattens Your Belly Dr Oz’s show on June 28, 2012 is about Flat Belly Foods, Energy Teas and answers the big question – Do Energy Drinks Work?  Doctor Oz played a game of Jeopardy to teach us about foods that flatten bellies like dark chocolate, sunflower oil, yogurt, olives and almonds. […]

Dr Oz: Energy Drinks Worth Buying You don’t like coffee, so you turn to energy drinks to combat fatigue. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Registered Dietician, Ashley Koff, to give you which energy drinks are worth buying such as Hi-Ball Energy Water, Honest Tea Jasmine Green Energy Tea and Nature Vitality E-28 […]

Dr Oz Show: December 6 2011 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from December 6, 2011-The New Energy Miracle Drinks—Do They Really Work? Are these drinks really boosting your energy or are they just one big, fat scam? Dr Oz puts the […]

Dr Oz: Miracle Energy Drinks Doctor Oz did a show called “The New Miracle Energy Drinks: Do They Really Work?”  Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing markets in America. Once aimed toward gearing up your kids, these drinks are now being targeted to you—the busy mom. This year alone, sales of energy drinks […]

Dr Oz did a segment on the dangers of Energy Drinks and how to quit caffeine.  Many Americans have turned to Energy Drinks to get a high level of energy all day long, but that instant jolt of energy makes your body’s energy crash when you come back down.  Doctor Oz said that there is […]

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