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Dr Oz October 5 2012 Are you suffering from the fastest growing form of cancer in the country? Would you even know it if you were? Coming up on Dr Oz October 5 2012, find out the symptoms of the newest silent killer that could be secretly shortening your life. You might not know you […]

Dr Oz: Pencil Cancer Test Dr Oz’s show on August 14, 2012 is about Cancer Prevention.  Did you know that Curcumin helps to prevent Pancreatic Cancer?  Or that you should keep a Headache Diary to track the possibility of Brain Cancer?  Plus, Doctor Oz shared a Pencil Cancer Test that can be done in 10 seconds […]

Dr Oz: Esophageal Cancer Warning Signs Dr Oz, along with Dr Jonathan Aviv, went over a list of Esophageal Cancer Warning Signs, Risk Factors and Solutions.  Here are some common warning signs of Esophageal Cancer: – A lump in your throat that does not go away. – Heartburn – Hoarseness in the mornings One lady […]

Dr Oz did a segment on heartburn.  If you fail to take Heartburn seriously, it can be deadly.  Doctor Oz said that Heartburn is painful and a commonly misdiagnosed condition.  60 million Americans will suffer a severe Heartburn Symptom at least once a month. Heartburn is often said to feel like your chest burning, you […]