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Dr Oz September 9 2014 Dr Oz covered a wealth of topics on Tuesday’s show. Learn about Juvenile Bipolar Disorder, ways to test yourself for a slow Thyroid, and why you should be concerned about Fatty Liver Disease. Plus, are those wet wipes really flushable after all? Get the stories from September 9. Dr Oz: Juvenile Bipolar […]

Dr Oz: Fatty Liver Disease Dr Oz spoke about Fatty Liver Disease, which he called a new public health threat. It can become deadly, he said, and medical researchers are shocked by its growth. Though it was once a rare diagnosis, there are now 30 million people with this problem, and 50 million more who […]

Dr Oz Recap September 19 2013 Dr. Oz shared tips and tricks to prevent you and your spouse from getting a Sleep Divorce, including a tennis ball remedy for snoring that really works! Also, learn the health benefits of a vegan diet from Dr. Oz’s wife Lisa and find out how you can reverse fatty […]

Dr Oz: Fatty Liver Disease The liver is the biggest internal organ.  It lies across the mid-section and unbeknownst to most, 1 in 3 livers are enlarged and lighter in color, which is an indication of a diseased liver or Fatty Liver Disease. Dr Oz: Liver Disease Risk Factors – Cholesterol – Overweight – Diabetes […]

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