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Dr Oz Recap July 11 2014 Dr Oz had some eye-opening news on the July 11 show, explaining how your shopping cart could be dirtier than a toilet. Plus, learn what gray hair could be trying to tell you about your health and why Fenugreek might be a good addition to your grocery list. Dr Oz: Shopping Cart […]

Dr Oz Recap February 21 2014 Dr Oz and Peter DeLucia teamed up to shine a light on Supermarket Bacteria in places you never thought about. Check out the advice and best practices from the February 21 show. Then learn how to fight your hereditary aging patterns and why you should be eating Fenugreek. Dr […]

Dr Oz: The Plant That Promises To Lower Your Blood Sugar What is the plant that can reduce cravings, prevent diabetes, and give you more energy? Dr Oz wanted everyone to know about Fenugreek. Find out how you can cook with this and make it a part of your family’s meals starting tonight. You only […]

Dr Oz: The Chakra Diet The Chakra Diet is a growing trend built on the foundation of ancient monks. Thousands of years ago, monks discovered the 5 Tibetan Rites, which unlocked the secret to longevity. They practiced meditation, yoga and diet to promote slow aging and peace from within. The western world is only now […]

Dr Oz: Strawberry Baking Soda Teeth Whitener Patricia, an audience member, joined Dr Oz on stage to discuss Natural Remedies. The issue she had was that she loved coffee and tea and drank both on a regular basis, but it caused stains on her teeth. Dr Oz asked Patricia to flash him a smile so […]

Dr Oz Show: January 6 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from January 6, 2012- Miracle Plan For Metabolism.  Are you having trouble losing those stubborn pounds?  Dr Oz guest, Chris Powell, shows you the necessary steps to take in order […]

Dr Oz: Pituitary Gland & Weight Gain Dr Oz did a show today with a Metabolism Plan to help all of us lose weight this year!  The pituitary gland is the reason for some of your biggest body complaints. In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Renee, an audience member, who stated that she has […]

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