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Dr Oz: Tracy Anderson Celebrity Personal Trainer Dr. Oz is revealing slim down tricks for every body type from Hollywood’s top trainer, Tracy Anderson! Find out how she has helped many celebrities get in shape and how her new body type plan can help you transform your body by eating the right foods and doing […]

Dr Oz Recap April 17 2013 – Does High Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease? This Dr. Oz episode originally aired back in December 2012 when he sat down with two guests, Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. Jonny Bowden. They authored the book The Great Cholesterol Myth and their controversial belief that cholesterol is not to blame for […]

Dr Oz Recap February 15 2013 Dr. Oz talked about the Chinese medicine practice of Face Mapping and how it reveals the clues you need to prevent the diseases you fear the most. Find out what to look for the next time you stand in front of a mirror! If you have ever wished you […]

Dr Oz: Eat Papaya To Reduce Inflammation Dr. Oz discussed the the Melt Method with the woman who can melt away your pain without any medication. Sue Hitzmann explained that hydrating your connective tissue is the best way to end your pain for good. She shared a technique to help you get instant relief from […]

Dr Oz: Kale Fights Heart Disease Dr. Oz brought the 50 most eligible doctors from across America to his show today! They all shared their best health secrets to help you this Valentine’s Day! A few doctors offered ways to reduce your stress, while others shared tips to get better sleep at night, but maybe […]

Dr Oz Recap December 11 2012 Dr. Oz welcomed two very controversial doctors to his show today. Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. Jonny Bowden are the authors of the book The Great Cholesterol Myth and they firmly believe that cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease. They warned about the danger of statin drugs […]

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