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Dr Oz: Anti-Allergy Diet Dr. Oz says you could avoid medications this allergy season and even avoid the usual symptoms and suffering just by reaching for the right foods in your kitchen. Studies have shown there are foods that could offer relief for your itchy eyes, runny nose, and scratchy throat without the same side […]

Dr Oz: Tips To Shrink Belly Fat Do you hate your belly? Is it the one area of fat that bothers you the most? Is so, get ready to say goodbye to it forever with Dr. Oz’s seven belly blasters that work! He has the solutions to help you boost your metabolism and shrink the […]

Dr Oz: Black Tea From Dr Oz’s 28 Day Fresh Start Plan as described in January’s O Magazine, Doctor Oz gives you his favorite teas that help fight disease. Black Teas: (From sweetest to strongest) Dr Oz: Darjeeling Tea Darjeeling Tea-a study released from Rutgers University stated that this tea helps to prevent stomach, prostrate, […]

Dr Oz Food Craving Killers Dr Oz did a segment called Food Craving Killers with Julie Daniluk.  Did you know that EGCG Green Tea Extract, Pine Nut Oil, Wheat Bran and Red Wine Vinegar can all help to curb your cravings?  My favorite tip was the Red Wine Vinegar Cocktail recipe that helps you to […]

Doctor Oz was asked by Diane, a woman from his audience, if green tea really gets rid of your belly fat and helps you to lose weight. tea from Crestock Stock Photography Dr. Oz said that he loves green tea because it reduces inflammations in your body.  He also said that caffeine is one of […]

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