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Dr Oz: Instant Energy Add-On Foods Looking to get more energy from the food you love? Doctor Oz shows you how to have more energy with the foods you already eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Find out which add-ons will give you that extra boost when you need it most.  Plus, try out the […]

Dr Oz: Easy Ways to Get Healthy Do you find yourself stressing about trying to get healthy? (Defeats the purpose, huh?) From stress, to sleep, Doctor Oz shows you ways to get healthier. On today’s show, Dr Oz gives you the foods, drinks and supplements that will give you energy so you can maintain your […]

Dr Oz: Miracle Energy Drinks Doctor Oz did a show called “The New Miracle Energy Drinks: Do They Really Work?”  Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing markets in America. Once aimed toward gearing up your kids, these drinks are now being targeted to you—the busy mom. This year alone, sales of energy drinks […]

Dr Oz: Energy Boosters For this segment, Dr Oz called down, Teresa, an audience member, who wanted to play the game, “Who Wants To Be A Health Extraordinaire?” Dr Oz asked Teresa 3 questions to which she could either answer, phone a friend or go with the 50/50 option that discards 2 of the wrong […]

Dr Oz: Rainforest Remedies Dr Oz did a segment on Rainforest Remedies with Lindsey Duncan.  If you have not heard of Guarana Powder, Graviola Tea or Cat’s Claw Extract, then you definitely need to read what Duncan told Doctor Oz about these remedies! Dr Oz: Guarana Powder For Energy Lindsey Duncan said that Guarana is […]

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