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Dr Oz: Daymon Patterson’s Drive Thru Diet Daymon Patterson’s fast food reviews went viral on YouTube, and they even caught the attention of Dr Oz, who invited him on the show. Daymon Patterson admits that his fast food habit isn’t the healthiest, and he agreed to take Dr Oz up on the challenge of reviewing choices from […]

Dr Oz: Healthy Fast Food You can say in order to lose weight, you’re going to cut out fast food forever, but let’s be truthful. That’s never going to happen, so on today’s show, Dr Oz gave you options to make the fast food a little healthier (while escaping the dirty little Restaurant Secrets). He […]

Dr Oz: Melt Away Body Fat Do you find it difficult to lose weight and get into shape? Fix that problem by revving up your metabolism. On Dr Oz’s April 30, 2012 show, he reveals the best 9 metabolism boosters that will kick your body into overdrive to help you lose weight fast. Think you […]