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Dr Oz Highlights: October 2012 Dr Oz spent the week teaching you how to streamline your diet. From his energy drink recommendations to the foods you can eat to protect yourself against disease naturally, Dr Oz was jam packed with useful information. Check out his Pumpkin Puree recipe and see where you fall on the […]

Dr Oz Highlights: October 2012 Before you take another pain reliever, see what Dr Oz revealed to a shocked audience about the hidden side effects of common OTC medications. Plus, get some ideas for fast acting natural pain remedies and how you can replace artificial sweeteners in your diet with natural sources like Buckwheat Honey. […]

Dr Oz Highlights: September 2012 Dr Oz spent this week sharing powerful, life changing information on his show. Get the Dr Oz Gluten Test everyone’s been taking, and find out how you can add flair to lighter fast food options. Plus, ditch the Melatonin and go with a natural sleep technique for a better night’s […]

Dr Oz Highlights: Best of September 2012 From Kirstie Alley’s Breakfast Tortilla Recipe to the Metabolism Type Quiz that everyone’s talking about, it was a busy week of new shows for Dr Oz and company. Check out the true tales from NY Med and find out what binge eaters learned that stopped them cold. Here’s […]

Dr Oz Highlights: Season 4 Premiere Week Dr Oz was back this week with all new shows. Now’s your chance to catch up on what you might have missed. Here are some of the most talked about segments from the week, including the results of Dr Oz’s Green Coffee Bean Extract study and the Liver […]

Dr Oz August 2012 Highlights This week’s episodes featured many great recipes for you to add to your Pinterest board and pull out when you need fresh dinner ideas. There’s something for everyone among this week’s selections, and there’s even a special beauty recipe using kitchen ingredients to give you a glowing look. Dr Oz […]

Dr Oz Highlights: August 2012 Are you hungry for some new slimming recipes to try out? Do you go to the bathroom constantly throughout the day and don’t know why? In case you missed it, here’s a look back at some of the most popular segments and stories featured this week on The Dr Oz Show, […]

Dr Oz: Low Cal Recipes & Beauty Secrets If you missed Dr Oz this week, you missed a lot. He featured some low calorie approaches to an array of favorite recipes, from Fish Tacos and Fish & Chips to a cribbed Cinnabon recipe that’s actually not terrible for you. Plus, he reviewed beauty products, including […]

Dr Oz Highlights: July 2012 Did you see the microwave breakfast ideas Dr Oz shared? What about the Dr Oz Underwear Test and what the answers mean for your health? Also, do you know what the color of your stool is telling you about your health? In case you missed it, here are some of […]

Dr Oz Highlights: Kola Cola & Diet Beverage List Have you ever had someone toast to your health? If drinking alcohol seems counter-intuitive to good health, you can rest assured that Dr Oz gave some drinks his seal of approval this week. Whether you’re looking for adult beverages, kid-friendly soda substitutes, or quick items to pick up […]

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