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Dr Oz: Chicken Soup Cold Remedy Dr. Oz asked some his medical colleagues to share their favorite home remedies. Here is a list you might want to write down, just in case you need them in the future! Try Doctored Chicken Soup, Shower Soother Bars, and yogurt for sunburns. ‘Doctored’ Chicken Soup Dr. Christopher Kelly […]

Dr Oz Preview April 22 2013 Have you heard of the Paleo Diet craze that is sweeping across the country? It is a diet packed with protein that promises big results, but is it right for you? On the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show find out what the Paleo Diet is all about […]

Dr Oz March 1 2013 In an encore episode of the Dr. Oz Show, he talked about the very alarming trend of women turning to laxatives to lose weight. One woman’s laxative addiction led her to an anorexic weight of just 78 pounds. Find out what shocking information Dr. Oz shared about the damage that […]

Dr Oz January 29 2013 Dr. Oz discussed the very disturbing trend of women using laxatives to lose weight. He talked with a woman who’s laxative addiction led her to an anorexic weight of just 78 pounds. Find out what Doctor Oz had to share about the damage that laxative abuse causes to a person’s […]

Dr Oz: Cayenne Soothes Throat Pain Dr. Oz switched gears to something fun that we all want to hear about and that is saving money. He reached out to some pretty prominent institutions, including Harvard Medical School, and asked them to help him come up with $5 fixes to make your life easier. Keep reading […]

Dr Oz January 24 2013 Dr. Oz shared the Tapout XT exercise program from weight loss warrior Mike Karpenko and he even learned a few moves from the workout that promises you will burn 1,200 calories! Dr. Oz also talked to Terry and Rebecca Crews about ways you can have a healthy marriage by following […]

Dr Oz did a segment on homegrown recipes and secrets to treat three common ailments.  Doctor Oz played a game called Fact or Fiction with two friends – Shamine and Donna Marie.  Does tea with lemon help sore throats?  Do Chia Seeds help you to lose weight?  Can garlic treat foot fungus like Athlete’s Foot?  […]

Doctor Oz, as part of his Ultimate Anti-Aging Show, had some viewers show him (and his panel of dermatologists) some Anti-Aging Home Remedies. Some of the home remedies the dermatologists seemed to like and said they would try, but others they said they would avoid.   One viewer told Dr Oz that she has the best […]

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