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Dr Oz June 2012 Did you miss any of Dr Oz’s great shows this week? Now is your chance to catch up, with a look back at the week’s most popular segments. Get the scoop on the Miracle Berry Diet, make Dr Oz’s Fat Busting Brownies, and find out how to watch out for Stomach […]

Dr Oz June 2012 Dr Oz Fans got to learn about a lot of new promising nutritional ideas, supplements, and weight loss plans o his show this week. Dr Oz also took an in depth look at the topic of Ovarian Cancer, which is often called the Silent Killer because of its subtle symptoms. If […]

Dr Oz June 2012: Miracle Fat Burning Oil You always know you’re going to learn something new from Dr Oz, and this week he featured a lot of creative approaches to some of his favorite topics, like weight loss and anti-aging. Here are the five most popular Dr Oz segments from the week of June […]