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Dr. Oz April 10, 2015 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode on April 10, 2015, talking about the effect finances have on your health, sharing some ways to cut grocery costs, and telling the incredible weight loss story of a viewer named Elle. Check out those stories and so much more below! Dr. Oz: […]

Dr. Oz: Cut Costs at the Grocery Store Celebrity chef Danielle Saunders came by Dr. Oz to talk about how to cut the costs of groceries. She said there are always cheaper alternatives for great ingredients if you’re willing to be a little creative. Dr. Oz: Cheaper Alternatives For Fresh Berries Dr. Oz asked some junior chefs […]

Dr. Oz February 17, 2015 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode on February 17, 2015, talking to Bevy Smith about how to revitalize your energy, whether memories can be false, flourless pastas, and delicious recipes to substitute for salt addiction. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: Bevy Smith Revitalizing Your Energy & Skip […]

Dr. Oz: Salt Substitutes Dr. Oz talked to three women who were obsessed with salt. He wanted to help them out, so he had some great salt substitute dishes. Kristina has salt on everything, Michelle carries packets of salt in her purse, and Carina drinks pickle juice to satisfy her salt craving. First, there was […]

Dr. Oz January 15, 2015 Recap Dr. Oz has a great episode on January 15, 2015, talking about the flu epidemic, sharing recipes for his Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan, and how birth order affects your health. Check it out below! Dr. Oz: Is the Flu an Epidemic? Antibiotics & Avoid High Protein Diets […]

Dr. Oz: Total 10 Snacks Dr. Oz has been talking about his Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan for almost two weeks now. Today, he unveiled some snack ideas to keep our taste buds satisfied. Jeanine was on the show and she was really excited to try the snacks, because she was missing her bread […]

Dr Oz Show: May 10, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from May 10, 2012-What’s Up Down There? Doctor Oz answers all your questions about what’s going on below the belt. Find out the #1 unnecessary surgery you don’t need. Plus, […]

Dr Oz: Ultimate Body Blast Are you looking for ways to bust those carb cravings? On today’s show Dr Oz revealed 3 ways to keep you from packing on the pounds with his ultimate body blast. He showed you how to wipe out toxic stress and kill your carb cravings at the same time with […]

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