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Dr Oz: Laser Hair Removal Doctor Oz made sure we all know how to shave to prevent Ingrown Hair. But what if you are tired of keeping up with your unwanted body hair? The next topic on his list was Laser Hair Treatment, a trend that has been growing in popularity. Dr Oz: Body Hair […]

Dr Oz: 700 Pound Woman Dr Oz showed Colleen Williams, a 700 pound woman, and her husband Derek Williams, on the Doctor Oz Show on July 28, 2011.  Doctor Oz has been committed to helping Colleen lose weight.  Here is a link to a recap of the first time she made an appearance on Dr […]

Dr Oz Hair Removal Treatments Dr Oz: Hair Removal Doctor Oz did a segment on Hair Removal Treatments including the Gentlemax Laser and the Tria At-Home Laser Hair Removal System.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Ann Chapas, a dermatologist, and a lady who claims to have very hairy arms and legs.  Dr Oz asked […]

Are you over 40?  Is your skin and hair changing?  Dr. Oz calls this a woman’s midlife puberty or second puberty.  So how does Dr. Oz suggest women can regain control from their hormones during this midlife puberty (similar to menopause)? Midlife Puberty Skin Changes: Natural beauty applying make up from Crestock Photos Patty from […]

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