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Dr. Oz February 5, 2015 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode on February 5, 2015, talking to two women who came from upstanding backgrounds who ended up being heroin addicts and sharing ways to cut down your cholesterol. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: PTA Mom Becomes a Heroin Addict & Preventing Pill […]

Dr. Oz: Reduce Cholesterol February is Heart Healthy Month, so Dr. Oz spending the month talking about ways to prevent heart disease. Today, he talked about how to cut down our cholesterol by up to 20 percent. He talked to Lynelle and Heather, two friends who work as teacher’s aides at the same school. They […]

Dr. Oz November 20, 2014 Preview Wellbuzz Update: Here are the articles for this episode: Dr. Oz: Whole30 Diet Plan Review, Extreme Weight Loss & What is Ghee? Dr. Oz: Engaged Couple Decides to Lose Weight Together for Wedding Heidi and Chris Powell’s Diet Plan for Couples to Lose Weight Together Olive Oil Lowers Cholesterol & […]

Dr Oz: Foods To Lower Cholesterol Doctor Oz says 100 million Americans have high cholesterol. Don’t let yourself be in this huge group of people! Certain foods can help you lower your cholesterol levels and Dr Oz showed you which ones by playing the Family Feud game with the Dube family and the Walker Family. […]

Dr Oz said that a major risk factor for getting a heart attack is cholesterol.  So, Doctor Oz gave 5 ways to lower your cholesterol.  His Assistant-Of-The-Day, Ramona from seat 3, said that she does not remember her cholesterol levels but she does remember that they are perfect.  Dr Oz told her that if you […]

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