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Dr. Oz October 21, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had an incredibly episode October 21, 2014, talking to Joan Lunden about her breast cancer diagnosis and discussing ways to detox without juicing, the dangers of melatonin supplements, and how to lower you cholesterol with plant sterols. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: The 7 Day […]

Dr. Oz: Going to Bed Too Early Dr. Oz has been talking to Keisha, who has a serious melatonin supplement addiction. Dr. Oz wanted to help her learn healthy ways to get to sleep so he introduced her to sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus. Dr. Breus said a big mistake people make with sleep is […]

Dr. Oz: Dangers of Taking Melatonin Supplements Dr. Oz talked to Keisha, who has become addicted to melatonin supplements. It all started when she moved from Dallas to Houston for a job change. After the move, she hasn’t been able to get a good night’s sleep. She’ll lay in bed for 30 to 40 minutes. […]

Dr. Oz October 21, 2014 Preview Recapo Update: Here are the articles for this episode: Dr. Oz: The 7 Day Plan to Detox Without Juicing & How Do Detoxes Work? Dr. Oz: Joan Lunden Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Chemotherapy & Baldness Dr. Oz: Dangers of Taking Melatonin Supplements & How to Get to Sleep Dr. Oz: Going […]

Dr Oz September 25 2012 Dr Oz September 25 2012 revealed the truth about Melatonin, which shocked the audience. Find out what you need to know before taking another dose of this sleep supplement. Plus, Dr Oz debunked your biggest beauty myths on this episode. Dr Oz: Melatonin Dangers, Side Effects & Melatonin Hangovers Have […]

Dr Oz: 1 mg Melatonin Dosage Melatonin is a popular over the counter sleep product, but could it actually be destroying your sleep?  Yes, there are Melatonin Dangers that you have to be aware of.  Dr Oz and his audience learned some surprising facts that most people don’t know about this product. Find out the […]

Dr Oz: The Truth About Melatonin Are you one of the millions of Americans who rely on Melatonin as a sleep supplement? If so, this episode had some shocking news you’ll want to hear. Did you know that Melatonin could actually be doing more harm than good? Learn about the Melatonin side effects that have […]

Dr Oz September 25 2012 Are you getting a good night’s sleep? For millions of Americans, the answer to that question is no. That’s why many people have turned to Melatonin supplements in hopes of finding the path to more restful nights. But on Dr Oz September 25 2012, what you hear about Melatonin supplements […]

Dr Oz: Alpha Lipoic Acid & Diabetes Dr Oz’s Best Of The Best Show included a segment on 3 Super Supplements: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Melatonin, and Vitamin D.  Bryce Wylde, host of Wylde On Health in Canada, said that Alpha Lipoic Acid helps to increase your energy and to prevent a whole bunch of different […]

Dr Oz: 6 Surprising Reasons You’re Cranky Dr Oz did a show on Crankiness called the 6 Surprising Reasons You’re Cranky.  There are things you can do to alter how you feel when you have a bad temper and mood swings.  Research has shown that your diet, your brain’s chemistry and your environment can all […]

Dr Oz did a segment on how to get a good night’s sleep with the Dr Oz Insomnia Clinic, which gave practical and effective tips for getting a good nights sleep during Perimenopause, Menopause and Post-Menopause, because sleep problems increase as you age.  Doctor Oz said that many people think they are not sleeping well […]

Dr. Oz gave 5 fantastic tips for beating the winter blues: 1. Peppermint Oil -helps with sadness and depression, and because of the menthol in it, it is a great energy booster.  If you have never tried putting on a few dabs or taking a couple of whiffs before a workout… it is amazing! Winter […]

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