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Dr Oz: Memory Boosters & Superfoods In this segment, Dr Oz explored the myth that your memory declines as you age. This doesn’t have to be the case, and to prove it, he had Memory Expert and 2 Time Guinness Book of World Record Holder, Dave Farrow, on the show. Dave told Doctor Oz that […]

Dr Oz: Memory Boosting Foods

By on October 12, 2011

Dr Oz: Memory Boosters Memory is the #1 Complaint for Dr Oz Fans.  Dr Oz demonstrated how to energize the brain with 6 Memory Boosting Foods and how to power up and recharge your memory. Dr Oz called up Joan and Karen, 2 audience members.  They had to select 6 foods (3 each) from a […]

Dr Oz: Memory Boosting Foods Dr Oz played a game on his show called Are You Smarter Than Your 4th Grader?  The topic of the game was Memory Boosters to pack in your lunch bag.  Doctor Oz had a lady named Barbara, who was a former fourth grade teacher and now a grandma (though I […]