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Dr Oz: Meds + Memory Loss Do you ever have trouble finding your phone or your keys? Maybe you can’t remember what you needed from the fridge as soon as you open the door? We all have memory lapses from time to time, but Dr Oz had the prescription for a solution to memory loss. […]

Dr Oz: Maritime Pine Bark for Memory Loss Dr Oz did a show on the 5 Biggest Health Mistakes Women Make, where he spoke about major warning signs for medical conditions like Diabetes, Alzheimers Disease, High Blood Pressure, Breast Cancer and Heart Attacks.  Doctor Oz said that every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimers […]

Dr Oz played a game called Unlock The Secret to teach us about Memory Loss and how to keep our brain young.  Try to answer Doctor Oz’s questions below before reading the answers, and lets see how well everyone does! Dr Oz: How To Keep Your Brain Young 1.  Which Part of an Egg Helps […]