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Dr Oz Recap May 29 2014 Dr. Oz kicked off this episode by debunking diet myths you most likely believe to be true. Learn if becoming a vegetarian will help you shed pounds and see if eating in the evening causes weight gain. Next, Dr. Oz speaks to a woman whose cosmetic surgeries landed her in the Guinness Book […]

Dr Oz Recap February 12 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s show by debunking diet myths you have probably believed your whole life. Find out if switching to a vegetarian diet will help you lose weight and find out if eating at night really makes you fat. Also, Dr. Oz talks to a woman who has […]

Dr Oz Weight Loss Tricks for your Body Type Dr. Oz says that no matter where he goes people are always coming up to him to tell them what they do to stay healthy and lose weight. Whether they are tricks they learned on his show or on their own, people want to tell him […]

Dr Oz said that a major risk factor for getting a heart attack is cholesterol.  So, Doctor Oz gave 5 ways to lower your cholesterol.  His Assistant-Of-The-Day, Ramona from seat 3, said that she does not remember her cholesterol levels but she does remember that they are perfect.  Dr Oz told her that if you […]

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