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Dr. Oz: Neti Pot Review Dr. Oz celebrated his 1,000th show with Hugh Jackman, and the two of them explored the top three things that have been featured on Dr. Oz. The first was the Neti Pot. To use the neti pot, you just pour the salt and distilled water mixture through one nostril and out the other. The […]

Dr Oz: Chair Pose Eases Leg Pain Dr. Oz wants you think about the way you handle and treat your pain because if you suffer from back, shoulder, hip, or knee pain he has the solutions you have been waiting for to ease your pain without medication! Would you believe there are 5 simple yoga […]

Dr Oz Recap October 7 2013 Dr. Oz sat down with Robin Quivers to talk about her recent battle with cancer and why she felt the need to keep it a secret for over a year. Find out what she did to take charge of her health and learn how she is doing today! Next, […]

Dr Oz: Recap September 11 2013 Dr. Oz sat down with three of the funniest women in entertainment for a candid discussion about some of the most hilarious health headlines that are grabbing everyone’s attention right now! They also chatted about the signs you might be addicted to social media and the best sore throat […]

Dr Oz: Salt Water Sore Throat Remedy Dr. Oz sat down with a few of the funniest female celebrities to discuss health headlines that leave you laughing. They discussed Justin Bieber serenading his grandmother while naked and a new pastry treat called a Cronut. Now get ready for even more fun as Kim Coles, Kandi […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on the pain of Sinus Infections, which can cause an intense pressure build up in your head until it can feel like it might explode.  He gave some great sinus infection home remedies, which is something I love since I always seem to be having problems in that area!  Dr […]

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