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Dr. Oz: Symptoms of an Aneurysm Dr. Oz gave us all the key symptoms of an aneurysm so we can all be aware. Dr. Oz kept the fact that he was talking about an aneurysm secret during this segment for some reason. Aneurysms can affect nearly 1 in 50 people at any moment. Nearly 60 […]

Dr Oz November 18 2013 Dr Oz talked about the nutritional Black Soybean, how Hemp Seed strengthens your memory, and more health news on November 18 2013. Check out the latest in hair beauty treatments and advice from the show. Dr Oz: Black Soybean Serving Size, Nutrition + Antioxidants Dr Oz talked about the many […]

Dr Oz showed the famous sculpture called The Thinker, which is often used as a symbol of philosophy.  Could it also be a hidden sign of numbness?  Doctor Oz was joined by Leah in seat 88, his Assistant-Of-The-Day, to help explain why we get numbness and what we can do to relieve the symptoms of […]

Dr Oz spoke about Blood Circulation, because Poor Circulation can cause pins and needles in your extremities and tingling toes.  Doctor Oz said that the 3 symptoms that you should never ignore include Numbness, Tingling and Coldness.  Dr Oz: Poor Circulation Symptoms Dr Oz said that your heart normally pumps blood everywhere throughout your body […]

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