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Dr Oz: How Healthy is Your Pancreas? Dr Oz talked about the average person’s daily sugar intake, which can be four times what is recommended. What does the body do with all that sugar? The Pancreas is responsible for helping the body manage all that sugar. Dr Oz: Where is the Pancreas? Do you know […]

Dr Oz: Belly Fat & Pancreas If Hypnosis for Weight Loss is not your thing, Doctor Oz has another choice for getting rid of your belly fat. On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you the pancreas, the organ that can help you shrink your mid-section. If you overload your system with junk, the pancreas can’t handle […]

Dr Oz did a segment called The Cancer Doctors Fear Most: Pancreatic Cancer.  Doctor Oz said that, as a doctor, not many things scare him, but Pancreatic Cancer is an exception because it grows silently for decades and when you find out about it, it is often too late.  The good news is that there […]