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Dr Oz: Parasites & Worm Remedy Doctor Oz gave a list of Parasite Warning Signs, but what do you do if you do have a parasite or worms living in your stomach?  According to Gastroenterologist, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD, washing your hands and thoroughly washing your fruits and veggies will help prevent parasites. However, there […]

Dr Oz: Hidden Health Hazards in Your Gut Dr Oz spoke about an Electrolyte Elixir Recipe that helps prevent Charley Horses, but what if you feel unusually tired and it is caused by parasites?  What should you do?  And how can you tell if you have parasites?  If you’re feeling tired and run down all […]

Doctor Oz did a show on called Parasites: Living Under Your Skin to discuss The Kissing Bug (which causes Chagas) or The Assassin Bug, Hookworms and The Bulinus Snail.  Parasites can cause infections which can cause heart disease, blindness, stokes and many other health problems.  Millions of people die every year in the developing world […]

Dr. Oz speaks about parasitic worms: tapeworms, roundworms and pinworms. If a worm gets into your gut, it will make your intestine its new home and live off of what you eat. A tape worm is one, extremely long worm (over 30 feet!!); whereas round worms and pin worms infect in packs.  Worm from Crestock […]

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