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Dr Oz: Gravity Strap Dr Oz’s June 15, 2012 Show will discuss everything from hypnosis for weight loss to Jim Karas’ Gravity Strap to Paul McKenna’s Gastric Hypnotic Band to the best restaurant meals for under 500 calories.  But don’t worry, I won’t make you wait for the show to air to give you all […]

Dr Oz did a segment called Hypnosis For Weight Loss with Paul McKenna and followed it up with a segment on a Hypnosis treatment for people who are Emotional Eaters and Obsessive Dieters.  Dr Oz brought Casey on his show who was a size 26 and lost a lot of weight through Paul McKenna’s Hypnosis […]

Dr Oz was joined by world-famous Hypnotist Paul McKenna to do a segment on Hypnosis for Weight Loss.  Can hypnosis make you lose weight?  Doctor Oz said he learned about Hypnosis in medical school and there may be profound powers within Hypnosis to stop yourself from sabotaging your diet.  You can unlock powers that cause […]