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Dr. Oz: How to Slow Down Your Appetite Dr. Oz talked about ways to slow down your appetite. Are you always hungry and worried about when an acceptable time is to start your next meal? Luckily, Dr. Oz had some suggestions. He talked to Candy, who had trouble controlling her hunger. She said she’s always […]

Dr Oz: Exhaustion Sleep Advice Today’s Dr Oz Show (“The Secret Reasons You’re Exhausted! Answers From Dr Oz’s Exhaustion Lab”) was for every woman that was sick and tired of being sick and tired. You do so many things for others and never have time for yourself. Some doctors say that it’s all in your […]

Dr Oz Approved Home Remedies In this segment, Dr Oz commented that his family reaches for the zinc before the penicillin.  Dr Oz talked about his own family’s home remedies and what they use to help cure common ailments.  He brought up an audience member that stated she also prefers home remedies.  For her kids, […]

Dr Oz: IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome Do you have an ache in your belly or feel bloated?  Irritated Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a condition that affects 55 million people, with the majority being women.  You may have IBS and don’t even realize it.  Dr Oz brought up an audience member who stated that her […]

Dr Oz: Headache Triggers Dr Oz said that 90% of women get headaches, but there are some surprising Headache Triggers that you probably never knew existed.  Doctor Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day, Vivian, said that she notices that stress and work trigger her headaches, along with the scent of freshly cut grass.  Dr Oz said that the following […]

Dr Oz Essential Oils Dr Oz: Aromatherapy Oils Doctor Oz did a segment on Essential Aromatherapy Oils to improve your memory, mind and mood.  By simply using Peppermint Oil, Rose Oil and Orange Oil you can get rid of your brain fog, stop forgetting where you put your keys, boost your mood, and feel alert.  […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on Alternative Medicine or Alternative Health, because over the last 100 years we have had huge advances in medicine, but not all the answers to our medical problems can be found at a doctor’s office.  Dr Oz found secrets from around the world that might hold the cure for things […]

Dr. Oz gave 5 fantastic tips for beating the winter blues: 1. Peppermint Oil -helps with sadness and depression, and because of the menthol in it, it is a great energy booster.  If you have never tried putting on a few dabs or taking a couple of whiffs before a workout… it is amazing! Winter […]

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