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Dr Oz Recap November 15 2012 This Dr. Oz show has been filled with advice from the very best in integrative medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Weil treated Dr. Oz and his audience to an exclusive look inside his own home to see what keeps in his refrigerator, beside his bathtub, and in his nightstand. […]

Dr Oz: Poop Friendly Foods Dr Oz did a show all about your Poop & Pee, and then did this segment on Poop-Friendly Foods to keep you regular and to get your poop into the perfect “S” shape!  Doctor Oz’s assistant said that she often gets constipated a couple of times per week, probably from […]

Dr Oz spoke about some Stomach Ache Remedies on his segment called Surprising Stomach Ache Solutions.  As someone who suffers from stomach problems quite frequently, I love to try new Natural Home Remedies to ease my pain and was thrilled that Doctor Oz did this segment. Dr Oz: Peppermint Tea Relieves Gas Dr Oz played […]