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Dr Oz February 24 2014 Dr Oz showed us how to cut out the things that are weighing us down, both on the scale and in terms of energy, with a new diet plan from his February 24 show. Check out the 10-Day Detox Diet. Then find out why Dulse Flakes are good for your […]

Dr Oz Recap April 15 2013 Dr. Oz started his show today by discussing what female doctors know that male doctors do not, including the best way to treat PMS symptoms and the difference between male and female heart disease signs. Also find out answers to the embarrassing questions you are afraid to ask your […]

Dr Oz: Foods That Prevent Parasite Infections Do you have the flu or is it a parasite? Dr. Oz revealed startling information about parasites that could be infecting your body without you even realizing it! He and his guests shared the symptoms of some of the most common infections caused by parasites, but would you […]

Dr Oz: Anti-Allergy Diet You’ve established that you may be having trouble losing weight because of Food Allergies, but what to do next? Dr. Mark Hyman, MD joined doctor Oz to give you the 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet that will cut out those foods you’re allergic to and help you lose the weight. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: Health Scams Dr Oz’s Show on Health Scams continued by revealing the way that companies trick us with products including Probiotics, Coconut Water, and Valerian Root Tea.  Coconut Water is gaining in popularity these days, so you might find it interesting to note that the only brand Doctor Oz presented as containing the […]

Dr Oz Probiotics Dr Oz: Secret Dangers Of Antibiotics Doctor Oz spoke about Antibiotic Dangers.  Did you know that you could get the symptoms of having food poisoning, but it could be caused by Antibiotics and not from something bad that you ate?  Dr Oz said this is called C Difficile Colitis and there are […]

Dr. Oz was asked by Chris, why does he wake-up with gas and bloating in the morning? And what can he do to prevent this morning gas and bloating? spoon from Crestock Stock Photography Dr. Oz said that there are bacteria in your gut that digest your food.  These bacteria digest and go to the […]