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Dr. Oz November 13, 2014 Preview Dr. Oz had a great episode on November 13, 2014, talking about Nick Cannon’s lupus diagnosis, two bakery owners who took back their health from sugar addiction, and when we should worry about getting the flu. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: When Should We Worry About Getting […]

Dr. Oz: Red Wine for Cleaning Fruit Dr. Oz shared some of his ideas for what else we can use red wine for, because drinking a glass a day to lower our risk of heart disease and cancer. Dr. Oz shared an idea from a Vine video he saw where you use red wine to […]

Dr Oz Health Splurges Staying healthy is not always cheap, but Dr Oz thought of some solutions that can help you invest in your health and save money along the way. Find out ways you could save $300 a year on red wine and how you can feel good about splurging on a massage. Dr […]

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Plan Dr Oz’s Show on Sept 12, 2011 gave everyone 5 Steps to Conquering Your 40+ Belly.  But even if you are not yet in your 40’s, Dr Oz’s 5 Step Belly Fat Plan can help you to get rid of your unwanted Belly Fat, which everyone hates.  Doctor Oz knows […]

Dr Oz: Why Does Wine Make You Burp? Dr Oz’s show called “The Questions You Are Too Embarrassed To Ask” covered questions that many of us have but that we are too embarrassed to talk about, such as why does wine make you gassy?  A lady named Nicole told Doctor Oz that she enjoys red […]

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