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Dr Oz: Order from Kids’ Menu to Lose Weight Dr. Oz shared some Weight Loss Advice for your Body Type that is easy and effective. Did you know that by simply slicing your food at every meal you will consume an average of 25% less calories? Find out what breakfast food will keep your blood […]

Dr Oz Body Type Diet Dr Oz’s July 2, 2012 show is packed full of weight loss tips including the Body Type Diet that can help you whether you are looking for a Big Belly Diet or a Big Bottom Diet.  He also spoke about how to lose weight with products like Rooibos Tea.  And […]

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Secrets From Around The World In the segment “Slim Down Secrets From Around The World,” Dr Oz gave the best weight loss secrets from all over the world.  He brought up 3 audience members to see if they could guess the slim down secrets from Hungary, Switzerland, and South Africa.  See […]

Dr Oz Herbal Teas Dr Oz Healing Herbal Teas For Instant Relief Doctor Oz did a segment on Healing Herbal Teas to relieve everything from rashes to allergies to depression.  He was joined by Martin Ekechukwu, a tea expert, who spoke about Rooibos Tea, Sage Tea and Nettle Tea. Dr Oz: Sage Tea For Depression […]

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