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Dr Oz Recap June 6 2014 Dr. Oz started today’s super spectacular health fair show by talking about how walnuts and fish are good for your skin and why drinking red wine is a good libido booster. Next, he shared how eating raw garlic every day can boost your immune system can keep you from […]

Dr Oz: Safflower Oil Health Benefits Dr. Oz is celebrating his super spectacular health fair with an audience all dressed up in costume, so he invited “Belle”, “Cinderella”, and “Sleeping Beauty” to talk about a super flower that can give you energy, flatten your belly, and keep your heart healthy. Dr Oz: Safflower Tea Keeps […]

Dr Oz: Montel Williams’ Diet Supplement We’ve all heard it before, ways to lose belly fat without diet or exercise. In this segment, Dr Oz brought back Montel Williams to give his Dr Oz Fans a cutting-edge supplement that may just give you a new way to think about dieting. According to Montel, SafSlim, which […]