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Dr Oz: Infection Remedies In this segment, Dr Oz invited audience member, Nicole, up to the stage. Nicole stated that she got sore throats at least 4 times per year. According to Doctor Oz, this was normal. Nicole stated that when she had a sore throat, she normally used some antibiotics, cough drops or gargled […]

Dr Oz Herbal Teas Dr Oz Healing Herbal Teas For Instant Relief Doctor Oz did a segment on Healing Herbal Teas to relieve everything from rashes to allergies to depression.  He was joined by Martin Ekechukwu, a tea expert, who spoke about Rooibos Tea, Sage Tea and Nettle Tea. Dr Oz: Sage Tea For Depression […]

Dr Oz Medieval Cures Dr Oz Middle Age Cures Dr Oz did a segment on Middle Age Cures that helps to cure some of our problems as we reach our middle ages.  Some of these Natural Remedies that have stood the test of time include Chicory Root, Lemon Balm Oil, Sage and Leeches.  Doctor Oz […]