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Dr Oz Metabolism Body Shape: Turbocharge Your Metabolism Dr Oz has been explaining the Apple Shape, Pear Shape and Box Shape body types, and how our body shape affects our metabolism. Now that we know the symptoms and health risks of each body type, Dr Oz is revealing how food can be a key to […]

Dr Oz Show: December 22 2011 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from December 22, 2011- Deadly Drug Interactions-Are Your Meds Putting You At Risk? Doctor Oz examines the world of prescription medication and explains how combining meds can put you at […]

Dr Oz: Seaweed Pills In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Stacey, an audience member, who stated that she had been to the ocean once. Dr Oz told Stacey (and the audience) that seaweed was an item that had been consumed a lot in different parts of the world, however, brown seaweed was has potent […]

Dr Oz: Exotic Baths for Your Biggest Health Complaints In this segment, Dr Oz called up 3 audience members to take a bath.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  Dr Oz had 3 audience members dip into a tub filled with his bath secrets that help your common complaints.  They had to guess the secret ingredient […]

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