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Dr Oz: Recap September 11 2013 Dr. Oz sat down with three of the funniest women in entertainment for a candid discussion about some of the most hilarious health headlines that are grabbing everyone’s attention right now! They also chatted about the signs you might be addicted to social media and the best sore throat […]

Dr Oz: Salt Water Sore Throat Remedy Dr. Oz sat down with a few of the funniest female celebrities to discuss health headlines that leave you laughing. They discussed Justin Bieber serenading his grandmother while naked and a new pastry treat called a Cronut. Now get ready for even more fun as Kim Coles, Kandi […]

Dr Oz did a segment on homegrown recipes and secrets to treat three common ailments.  Doctor Oz played a game called Fact or Fiction with two friends – Shamine and Donna Marie.  Does tea with lemon help sore throats?  Do Chia Seeds help you to lose weight?  Can garlic treat foot fungus like Athlete’s Foot?  […]

Doctor Oz gave kitchen cures or Home Remedies for a Sore Throat, Toothache and Bad Breathe.  Why go to the drugstore to cure these health problems when you can find the cure right in your kitchen?  This is the whole concept behind making a Pantry Spa!  Sore Throat Home Remedy Doctor Oz said that by […]

Doctor Oz wants everyone to know the difference between Step Throat and Sore Throat.  Strep throat is caused by a bacterial infection, so you will need antibiotics for it.  How do you know when to go to the doctor and when it is just a sore throat? Lady doctor with a child from Crestock Royalty […]

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