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Dr. Oz: Coffee Vs. Tea Dr. Oz hosted the ultimate showdown between tea and coffee on his show, in order to find out once and for all which one of them has the most health benefits. Dr. Oz talked to Robert Galinsky, author of Coffee Crazy, for the coffee side, and nutritionist Keri Glassman for the tea […]

Dr Oz Herbal Teas Dr Oz Healing Herbal Teas For Instant Relief Doctor Oz did a segment on Healing Herbal Teas to relieve everything from rashes to allergies to depression.  He was joined by Martin Ekechukwu, a tea expert, who spoke about Rooibos Tea, Sage Tea and Nettle Tea. Dr Oz: Sage Tea For Depression […]

Dr Oz played a game with his studio audience called Drink This, Cure That on today’s Dr Oz Show to teach us about the Best Tea for Women to drink.  Do you know what is the best Weight Loss Tea, Migraine Tea and Love Tea?  Here is what Doctor Oz says that all of us […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on After 40 Metabolism Boosters and then gave this fabulous list of Four Metabolism Boosters for Under $5.  The truth is, even if you are younger than 40, these tips are a great way to boost your metabolism if you are trying to lose weight. Four Metabolism Boosters for Under […]

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