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Dr. Oz March 2, 2015 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode on March 2, 2015, talking about how to beat thinning hair, debating the cleanliness of nail salons, and helping a divorced mother of three get back her health and life. Check it out below! Dr. Oz: Beat Thinning Hair, Pre-Pooing & Color Powder […]

Dr. Oz: Thinning Hair Dr. Oz kicked off his show by saying up to half of women will experience thinning hair by age 50. This is not the total baldness nightmare you’re having when reading that sentence, but more subtle, irritating thinness like the scalp showing through or the part getting a little wider. Marcy, […]

Dr. Oz March 2, 2015 Preview Wellbuzz Update: Here are the articles for this episode: Dr. Oz: Beat Thinning Hair, Pre-Pooing & Color Powder Hides Bald Spots Dr. Oz: How Clean Is Your Nail Salon? Staph Bacteria & Dry Pedicures Dr. Oz: Divorced Mother Putting Other People’s Needs Before Her Own Dr Oz: How to Get […]

Dr. Oz December 2, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode December 2, 2014, talking to legendary broadcaster Regis Philbin about his heart issues and helping a woman with thinning hair find solutions. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: Regis Philbin Acid Reflux, Married 44 Years & Retiring from TV Regis Philbin came […]

Dr. Oz: Women Losing Hair Dr. Oz has been talking to Shawn, a woman who is struggling with thinning hair and hair loss. Dr. Oz introduced the 35-year-old to Dr. Elizabeth Boham, a hair expert, functional medicine physician, and nutritionist. Dr. Boham said it’s very common for women to have some of the problems Shawn […]

Dr. Oz: Woman Losing Her Hair Dr. Oz talked to Shawn, a woman who is going through hair loss. She’s only 35 and she’s really worried because her hair loss is starting at such a young age. Her parts are thin, she has bald patches in the back, and she has a “hair horizon.” In […]

Dr. Oz October 30, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode October 30, 2014, with segments on getting rid of stubborn belly fat, revitalizing your energy, thickening your hair, and a special Everyday Health Hero. Check it all out below! Dr. Oz: Is Belly Fat the Hardest to Lose? Is Weight Gain Hereditary? Dr. […]

Dr. Oz: Reversing Thinning Hair Dr. Oz introduced dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur on his show, who was there to help the many women in America with their thinning hair problem. It’s normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day, which is more than you think. But hair loss can be caused by a number […]

Oz Gone Wild: 50 Embarrassing Questions Dr Oz tackled 50 Embarrassing Questions about health that many of us have, but few of us have the courage to ask about.  Do you know why “Eye Boogers” occur?  What about “Eye Twitching” and natural remedies to cure it?  Or how about bad breath – all of us […]

Dr Oz spoke about the secret reason that your hair thins as you age.  Doctor Oz’s assistant of the day said that since she turned 40, she has started to lose her hair.  She is even scared to touch her hair because large chunks of hair fall out.  Dr Oz used a Hair Camera to […]

Doctor Oz gave a list of foods like avocado, raisins, and black-eyed peas that help thinning hair, gray hairs and dry hair for women 40 years old and above – though these tips can help people of all ages because they are all Healthy Foods To Eat for everyone!  Avocado Prevents Gray Hair Dr Oz […]

Doctor Oz’s segment on three women’s health taboos that are kept as secrets usually including bald spots and thinning hair.  Dr. Robert Bernstein from the Center for Hair Restoration in New York joined Dr. Oz to explain about balding in women and thinning hair. Portrait of an attractive woman with spectacles and short hair from […]

Dr. Oz, with the help of Maya (seat 51 from New Mexico), discussed the top two reasons women lose hair and what we can do about hair loss.  Dr. Oz showed four samples of hair, and asked which amount represents the normal amount that an average person loses per day.  You should basically be losing […]

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