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Dr Oz Too Much Information Dr Oz’s show on July 23, 2012 covers what he calls TMI questions.  TMI stands for Too Much Information, in case you have not heard of the expression.  Have you ever told someone something and they responded by saying “that is way too much information… I did not need or […]

Dr Oz: TMI in the Bathroom! You thought you heard it all, but on today’s Dr Oz TMI Show, he gives you the scoop from the bathroom. (Wait, that didn’t sound too good!) Find out if the color of your poop is healthy and whether you should tweeze or cut those nose hairs. The Dr […]

Dr Oz: TMI- Too Much Information! Do you have an embarrassing health issue that you can’t discuss with anyone, not even your doctor? On today’s show, Dr Oz was all about over-sharing. Your friends and family may not want to hear it, but Doctor Oz says, with him, there is no such thing as TMI. […]

Dr Oz: Too Much Information Do you have questions about your health that you’re too embarrassed to ask family and friends? (Stop lying, you know you do!) On Dr Oz’s April 27, 2012 show, he takes on all your most intimate questions. No topic is off limits so prepare yourself! Find out if audience members […]

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