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Dr Oz: Restaurant Appetizers Made Healthy Do you love going out to a restaurant but don’t love the all the fat and calories in some of your favorite appetizers? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Celebrity Chef, Todd Wilbur, to show you how to make your favorite cheesiest, greasiest, gooiest restaurant appetizer without […]

Dr Oz: Eat More To Weigh Less Want to know how to eat more and weigh less? (I know, who doesn’t right?) Skip the greasy burgers and salty French fries. Todd English, Candice Kumai and Aaron Sanchez (You may remember Aaron from The Food Network’s Chopped and other hit shows) join Doctor Oz to show […]

Dr Oz: Todd Wilbur’s Top Secret Burger & Special Sauce Recipe In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Todd Wilbur, the host of Top Secret Recipe, to unlock the secret recipes of your favorite fast foods.  Is it possible to recreate McDonald’s Big Mac at home, but to make it healthy?  According to Todd, he has […]