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Dr. Oz: Urinary Incontinence Dr. Oz talked about urinary incontinence on the show. In order to help him talk about it, he called down Alexandra, an audience member there with her mom. Alexandra had never had a problem with bladder leaks, but she thought maybe her mom Victoria did. So Dr. Oz called her down, […]

Dr Oz: What’s Up Down There Do you have issues down below and don’t know whether they’re normal or not? On today’s show, Doctor Oz is hitting below the belt. He is joined by Gynecologist, Dr. Lauren Streicher, to reveal what is normal and what is not when it comes to down there. No topic […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on his television show to discuss three women’s health taboos that are kept as secrets usually, but should really be discussed!  One women’s health taboo has to do with incontinence or spraying urination, when your urine sprays when you pee instead of your urine going out of your body in […]