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Dr Oz Show: December 1 2011 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from December 1, 2011-Arsenic In Apple Juice-An Update. You’ve seen the reports on this controversial topic. Read on to find out the latest information from Dr Oz, the FDA and […]

Dr Oz: $500 Health Drop Game Dr Oz brought up 2 audience members (and best friends), Claudia and Lori, to play Dr Oz’s $500 Health Drop. See if you can get the correct answers—and remember, no cheating! Dr Oz: Vitamin D3 Helps Absorb Calcium 1. Which supplement helps calcium strengthen your bones the fastest?  a. […]

Dr Oz: Vitamin Smackdown Dr Oz played a game called Vitamin Smackdown to teach you which vitamins are the most important for boosting your metabolism and fighting wrinkles.  Here are Doctor Oz’s tips on some important vitamins and minerals. Dr Oz: Magnesium Boosts Metabolism Doctor Oz’s first question was which vitamin or mineral is best […]