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Dr Oz: Stop Aging in 24 Hours Dr Oz did a show on how to Stop Aging in 24 Hours, plus he gave a fabulous Anti-Aging Hot List with products that I cannot wait to try and review for all of you! All of us wish that we could stop aging, but Doctor Oz said […]

Dr Oz Biopuncture Dr Oz: Biopuncture Alternative Treatment Doctor Oz did a segment called The New Alternative Cure: Biopuncture, after speaking about Alternative Treatments like Arnica (click here to read a recap of Dr O’z favorite Alternative Treatments: Dr Oz Alternative Treatments).  Biopuncture combines Acupuncture with Homeopathy to treat everything from pain to allergies.  Is […]

Dr Oz Arnica Dr Oz: Alternative Treatments For Pain Doctor Oz did a show called Alternative Ways To Treat Your Aches And Pains.  He spoke about new ways to treat aches and pains without prescription medications or expensive doctors.  Dr Oz said that 86% of the people in his audience claim to have pain at […]

Dr Oz did a segment called The Medical Renegades: Fighting For Unconventional Answers with Dr Andrew Weil and three of his next generation doctors: Dr Jim Nicolai, Dr Russell Greenfield and Dr Victoria Maizes.  Doctor Oz knows that we want to trust our doctor to be up to date on the latest in medicine, but […]

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