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Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods Want to know how to fill your grocery cart to reduce your risk of cancer? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Cancer Researcher, Dr. William Li, to show you how to prevent cancer with foods right in your grocery store.  Some of Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Foods on […]

Dr Oz: Cancer Prevention Grocery List Want to know the all-natural ways to fight cancer? On Doctor Oz’s May 29, 2012 show, he’ll reveal his must-have grocery list that helps stop the deadly disease in its tracks. No pills, no devices, no gimmicks, just 100% healthy, pure foods that contain anti-cancer properties. You don’t have […]

Dr Oz: Cholesterol Lowering Foods Dr Oz brought out Dr. William Li, who gave you the foods that can help reduce your cholesterol. Dr. Li stated that even some of these foods are actually as powerful as medicine. Foods to Help Lower Your Cholesterol: Dr Oz: Mustard Greens Lower Cholesterol -Mustard greens: the leaves of […]

Dr Oz: Anti-Ovarian Cancer Recipe Dr Oz did a segment with Dr William Li to teach us how to incorporate all of the ingredients in the Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet into a healthy and delicious meal.  Dr Li taught Doctor Oz (and the rest of us too!) how to make a steamed Branzino Sea Bass with […]

Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Diet Dr Oz brought Dr William Li on his Ovarian Cancer show to discuss an Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet that can reduce your risk of getting Ovarian Cancer by 75%!  Dr Li said that when he would see cancer patients at his clinical practice, the last thing they would always ask him […]

Dr Oz Cancer Lies Dr Oz’s Show on June 16, 2011 is called The Biggest Lies You’ve Ever Been Told About Cancer.  Doctor Oz, along with three Cancer Experts: Dr Dara Richardson-Heron, Dr William Li and Dr Ilana Cass discussed some of the biggest cancer lies that people believe.  For example, did you know that […]

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Antioxidants Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Antioxidants segment was followed up with a list of how to get the most Antioxidants into your diet so that you can help fight off Cancer.  Do you know how to make a cup of tea with the most antioxidants in it?  How about the best […]

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Antioxidants Dr Oz did a segment called Cancer Fighting Antioxidant All-Stars, which included a list of the top three Cancer Fighting Antioxidants: Carotenoids, Flavonoids and Isothiocyanates.  Plus, he did a segment on how to get the most Antioxidants out of your food (click here to read the recap for that: Dr […]

Dr Oz did a segment The Biggest Lies You’ve Ever Been Told About Cancer.  Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death, but are you afraid of all the wrong things?  Doctor Oz said that these are not usually lies you heard from a doctor, but rather lies that you tell each other.  Dr Oz […]

Dr Oz did a segment called 3 Secret Weapons to Prevent Cancer with 3 cancer experts: Dr William Li, Dr Ilana Cass and Dr Dara Richardson-Heron from the Susan G. Komen of Greater New York.  Doctor Oz’s guests had some very interesting Cancer Prevention Tips like eating Gouda Cheese, exercising and avoiding pan-fried and grilled […]

As part of the Dr Oz Cancer Proof Your Life show, Doctor Oz spoke about what you should be eating to fight off Cancer.  Here is Dr Oz’s 4 Anti-Cancer Superfoods that we should make sure to include in our diet.  Dr William Li said that many of the same chemicals that they research and […]

Dr Oz’s Cancer Proof Your Life show began with a segment on the 5 Biggest Cancer Risks for Women Over 40.  Cancer is one of the top most feared diseases in America, so Doctor Oz did an entire show on how you can cancer proof your life.  From the list of Dr Oz Anti-Cancer Superfoods […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on How to Stop Cancer Growing Inside of You, and brought Dr. William Li, a Cancer Researcher at the Center for Biomedical Research, on the Dr Oz Show.  Dr. Li said that 2-3 servings of tomato a week can dramatically decrease your prostate cancer risks.  Dr. Li studies the use […]

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