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Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for April 15, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!: 1.  Keep your home healthy with Dr. Oz’s De-Clutter List and read Hoarders, Home Hazards & How to Throw Stuff Out: Buried Alive Dr Oz 2.  Use saline drops to prevent dry eyes […]

Doctor Oz was asked by a woman, as part of his “Am I Normal?” segment, if it is normal that her eyes itch, and she rubs her eyes and then pulls out a very long white string of mucus. Dr. Oz said that this is not normal but is called Filamentary Keratitis, which means you […]

Dr. Oz was asked by Cindy (on behalf of a shy lady named Mary-Joe) what remedy can be used for very dry eyes. eye from Crestock Creative Images Dr. Oz asked her how often her eyes are dry, and she said sporadically. Dr. Oz said that we have ducts in our eyes that make tears […]