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Doctor Oz did a segment on his viewer’s Beauty Secret Home Remedies and an audience member on Dr Oz’s show spoke about this Acne or Pimple Home Remedy using your own ear wax and q-tips.  My stomach turned when I heard about this Acne Home Remedy!  Gross!  Would you use this home remedy if it […]

Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for March 12, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!: Seafood from Crestock Photos 1.  Keep the 10 Commandments of Weight Loss, like avoiding pants that stretch so that you can tell if you are gaining weight or not. 2.  Don’t pile food […]

Dr. Oz: Ear Wax Facts

By on March 12, 2010

Doctor Oz and Sharon, his assistant of the day, taught some facts about ear wax.  Dr. Oz checked Sharon’s ears for ear wax, and sure enough, there was some of that orange – yellow ear wax in her ears.  Is ear wax bad?  What is the best way to get rid of ear wax?  Dr. […]