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Doctor Oz was asked by a lady what we can do to speed up the process of weight loss.  Should you do more cardio exercises?  Or more weight lifting?  Dr Oz said that she was asking the wrong question.  We should be asking how to “lose waist” not how to “lose weight.”  If you gain […]

Doctor Oz gave a list of three things to give everyone more energy: Magnesium, Astringent and Exercise!  Everybody around me is always tired and exhausted, so I really hope that these three energy boosters work!  Between a lack of sleep, working hard and going out on weekends and after work – everybody could use a […]

Doctor Oz’s epsiode of Ask Dr Oz Soap Edition included a question from Eileen Fulton from As the World Turns.  Eileen Fulton has arthritis in her hands and fingers that hurts a lot.  There are medications with side effects, but what else can be done to treat osteoarthritis in joints that is a more natural […]

Doctor Oz was asked by a Polish woman in his audience, why she has cellulite on her dupa (Polish for butt or rear end) even though she does not know how to drive and has always walked a lot. Dr. Oz said that you cannot get rid of cellulite through exercise.  There is not much […]

Doctor Oz was told by Donna, a woman in his audience, that she goes to the gym five days a week and she has been doing it for three years but does not see any difference in her stomach. hips – losing weight series from Crestock Creative Images Dr. Oz said that we need to […]

Doctor Oz was asked by a man if it is normal to get tingling or numbness in his fingers when he bangs his elbow or while on the cell phone. # girls limbs from Crestock Creative Photos Dr. Oz said it is not normal to get tingling in your fingers when you hit your elbow or use […]

Doctor Oz has Kenny J on his show today to teach us how to do Soul Line Dancing as a form of exercise.  It was lots of fun! Close-up of a relaxed young lady listening to music and dancing over white from Crestock Stock Images Kenny J’s Soul Line Dancing Steps on Dr. Oz: 1.  […]

Doctor Oz was asked if it is normal to get headaches and lose your appetite after working out. woman doing exercise from Crestock Stock Photos Doctor Oz said that headaches after exercise usually means that you are not breathing enough, so try to do more belly breathing.  Loss of appetite is one of the pluses […]

Dr. Oz was asked by a gentleman who recently started jogging and going to the gym, what causes his painful shin splints and how can he prevent them? women running from Crestock Creative Photos Dr. Oz said that the bone in your leg has tendons over it, and shin splints are basically what happens when […]

Dr. Oz brought Tanya Becker, from Physique 57, to show some glamorous ballet moves for a fun twist on exercise. Young woman doing ballet stretch from Crestock Stock Photo Ballet helps improve your posture and flexibility. When you have good posture, you automatically look thinner. So sit up straight, stand straight, try it now!!! And […]

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